Thanks so much Lenore for helping me find my spark again for my business.

I love my business but when things go quiet I tend to find I get a bit flat and de-motivated (at a time when I know I need to be working my hardest).

I found your last speech such a wonderful motivator for me and business is back on track.

Anita Marshall
Advanced Finance Solutions

‘I have had the pleasure of hearing Lenore Miller speak on a number of occasions.

She has the magic knack of engaging with her audience in a relaxed yet powerful manner, challenging them to take on board new ways of thinking about themselves and their businesses.

You leave her presentations feeling informed and empowered!’ 

Kellie Mills
mills-eaton training

Kellie Mills
Shirley-Anne Lawler

Lenore is a highly inspiring and motivational speaker.

She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and deliver a heartfelt message.

Lenore inspires people to consider that there is a different a way to be and that there are different possibilities to business and life.

Shirley-Anne Lawler
The FeelGood Coach
Newcastle NSW

I have personally known Lenore Miller for a little under 2 years. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to help business owners take a negative or sticking point in their business and turn it into a situation that is positive and productive.

As a speaker and a presenter she engages her audience and assists them in finding the solutions themselves which creates ownership to the outcomes. Her popularity as a business coach, mentor and speaker is growing at an exponential rate. Lenore Miller is not only fantastic, she also gets results for those she takes on as clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Pam Brossman
CEO Social Media Woman.

Pam Brossman

I first met Lenore Miller when she was a guest speaker at a meeting I attended.   She was easy to listen to, engaged her audience and highlighted several lightbulb moments for me, so I knew immediately I would benefit from working with her. With Lenore as my business coach, I cannot emphasise how much she has helped me with my mindset and the resulting growth in both my personal life and business. She is so inspiring and motivating and has such positive energy and enthusiasm. Lenore helped me not only identify how my mindset was holding me back from moving forward in my business but also how my thoughts and beliefs were impacting my family and the values and beliefs my children would consequently grow up with.  

I have worked with Lenore for several months now and through the strategies and skills she has taught me, the changes I have experienced have been enormous. I continue to build a strong business, live a life of abundance and now see the positive in every situation. My children are learning and experiencing strong beliefs and values through my change in my outlook on life. They will grow up with positive lifeskills, which is a priceless gift anyone would want for their child.

I would recommend Lenore Miller to everyone! She has had a life-changing impact on me and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

Nerida Sweetman
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay Cosmetics

‘Lenore Has Helped Me Sift Through The Clutter And Focus On What’s Most Important’

I love coaching and I know the benefits and I was so impressed with how Lenore had grown her business so it seemed like a natural progression for me to work with Lenore.   The biggest problem I find is having so much to do that you lose sight of the best way forward, so Lenore has helped me sift through the clutter and focus on what’s most important.

The support and accountability that comes when working with Lenore is extremely valuable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support and mentoring in their business.

Bev Carter

Bev Carter

‘Lenore Is An Impartial Supporter With An Arsenal Of Resources She Generously Shares’

I knew I needed some help to make some decisions in my business but I was unsure whether the expense would be worthwhile. I can now say that my concerns were unfounded because Lenore has taken such a load off by helping me to get clear about my priorities.

I feel very comfortable with Lenore and her business experience shines through as she quickly identifies problems and solutions I couldn’t even see as I was too close to the problem! I would highly recommend Lenore to any business owner needs an impartial supporter with an arsenal of resources she generously shares.

Julie Kirby

Your presence was caring, but also commanding, which really engaged our audience. I love how you mix teaching concepts with unique exercises which seems to really tap into both sides of the brain.

I’ve had so much feedback from participants that the short exercises you did with them individually throughout the 3 days gave them significant breakthroughs.

Girl You ROCK!

Janet Beckers – Founder of Wonder Web Women, Australian Marketer of the Year, International Authors, Speaker and mentor

Janet Beckers

‘She Understands The Juggling That Is Required When You Are A Mother And A Business Person’

I have had a previous experience with a business coach so I knew how coaching would benefit me. However, unlike the previous experience, I feel much more comfortable with Lenore because she understands the juggling that is required when you are a mother and a business person.

I appreciate the fact that I can attend some of her training at times that fit in with my schedule. Lenore has a communication style that makes you feel very comfortable and she helped me with identifying tasks that I can easily achieve and that move my business forward in the direction that I want to go.

Because of her own extensive business experience and her communication style I think Lenore would be able to help people in any business improve their skills, processes and their bottom line.

Belinda Lindhardt

‘During This Time She Was Instrumental In Both My Personal Growth And My Business Success’

I found Lenore on Facebook and saw from her posts how genuinely interested in helping people she was. Then I met her at an event and sought her out for some advice as to how to handle some issues I was having at the time. Lenore freely gave of herself and her time to help me and guide me through the issues.

Without her support and loving guidance I would have been stuck. This encouraged me to work with her on a coaching program for six months. During this time she was instrumental in both my personal growth and my business success.

I would highly recommend working with Lenore. She is honest and genuine and gets real results that you can see and feel. She can pinpoint the exact areas you need assistance with – even if you cannot see it at the time and she delivers with kindness and care.

Trish Rock

Kathy Benson

‘I Now Acknowledge My Achievements As I Go, Something I Never Did In The Past.’

I was cautious, not sure what to really expect and having spoken with a few other coaches before deciding to work with Lenore I was concerned about how invasive it might be.

I wanted to work with someone who, although had different experiences, could understand my issues and concerns and Lenore obviously had real life experience.
I am now more accountable and am making more definite commitments that I have to follow through. Lenore is also making me acknowledge my achievements as I go, something I never did in the past.

In the time that we have been working together I have established better processes and have started on my goal of being an employer as opposed to being a one person operation.

I would recommend Lenore to anyone who is at the threshold of growing their business or changing direction because she has a great understanding of many industries and has a guiding, consultative mentoring style. 

Kathy Benson

‘Lenore’s assistance resulted in an extra $700 a month in income for my business’

I wasn’t sure how helpful a business coach would be as I have never used one before so at first I was a little apprehensive. My reservations were quickly dispelled when I met Lenore and found how easy she is to talk with.

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed with your ‘to do list’ which prevents you from solving the problems that are holding your business back. Lenore showed me how to get rid of things that are costing the most so I can focus on the profit areas of my business which has resulted in an extra $700 a month in income.

Lenore has extensive business experience so she can help most business owners by getting them focused in the right direction and keeping them accountable. I recommend Lenore to anyone serious about growing their business.

Dianne Marshall

Abby Clifton

‘Once more I feel inspired not drained by my business’

I have never experienced being coached before but Lenore was referred to me by someone I respected. Lenore is generous with her time which makes you feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that she has the tools to help you.

As a result of the coaching from Lenore, I have finally stepped out of my business. Her insights gave me a chance to address all the noise, get strategic, have a sounding board, and have my thinking challenged. It resulted in me becoming calmer, more decisive, and ultimately taking action where it counted most.  I’ve finally been able to manage my business on my terms. Once more I feel inspired not drained by my business.

I believe Lenore brings a lot of experience and knowledge to business owners and she can help people at any stage of their business – whether at start-up, growth, consolidation or exit. 

Abby Clifton

From the Audience

Rob Mason

Lenore is a dynamic speaker who connects to her audience by speaking from the heart. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Lenore will captivate you with her passion and enthusiasm. Her determination in business and life inspired me to get out there and get on with it in my own life.

Lenore’s achievements coupled with her experiences in life will leave you inspired, educated and ready to make the changes you’d like to, but have been telling yourself that you couldn’t.

Thank you Lenore, for sharing your story and knowledge with me. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and I feel privileged to have been a part of your audience.

Rob Mason
Inspire Yourself
Coaching Services

“Lenore really was very good, topic spot on, delivery style perfect (actually, I have never seen someone able to captivate an audience for an hour with just one hand drawn page on butchers paper …. its pinned to our team partitions).

Randal Jitts
Chemical, Control & Electrical (CCE) Team Leader
Delta Electricity

Creating vision exercise and visualizing was interesting. Thank you

Emre Cetin, Project Officer

Inspiring, Positive and Realistic.

Nicole Wood, Security Control Administrator

Interesting session –managed to keep us all interested for the whole period.

Adrian Holley, Operations Manager

Delta Energy Logo

Feedback EMD - Yvonne Hilsz - 22-03-2013.jpg

Feedback EMD - Chrystie Hile - 20-03-2013

Very Informative – I’ll be more accountable and not so hard on myself.

Gina Hilddbrandt

Being able to recognise the beliefs that hold me back and how to turn that belief into something positive.

Bree Steedman

The workshop supplied me with great insight into what I need to work on and change to get to where I want to be.

Alexa Stewart

Change the way I question myself, looking at the reason why I’m not where I want to be and how to change it. Just what I needed thanks.

Laura Drummond

I feel the workshop has helped reinforce the consultant/director within. I want to truly make a difference to my business and my teams. I want to change lives.

Joc McMeekin

Feedback EMD - Jason Bradley - 20-03-2013

It has helped me to realize that I need to be totally committed, take responsibility, create a vision statement and plan. Thanks

Kerrie Buth

Fantastic – it helped me realize my positive attributes. Thank you so much Lenore!!

Kim Ellis

p.s. love you to be my mentor

Loved it.

Carol Sanderson

It has inspired me to move forward, think about my choices and take some action.

Liliane Brady.

What I got were great questions!!!! Where I am Where do I want to be – how I can get there. It was uplifting and motivating.

Kate Andreau

To keep positive and focused.


Great! Affirmations and positive ways t get out of my own way to work my business towards success.

Gae Marsh

I found the workshop to be inspiring and gave me a light bulb moment.

Rebecca Hobson

Feedback EMD - Mel Archer - 20-03-2013.jpg

Inspiring Words

I’ve just finished reading Ignite Your Business Mojo by Lenore Miller. Such a wonderful book with lots of wisdom and experience and practical knowledge that you can apply straight away. I know that its a book that I will be referring back to time and time again as throughout my business journey!

Kim Morris
Entrepreneur System

Hi Lenore…I have finished the book and just have to say wow…I feel so motivated…what a project to get so many wonderful talented people to inspire and give so generously of their products for free…
I have to say that your book would have to be the best I have read for many years…you can feel the energy from each page…Well done Lenore

Jan Wyatt