Good leaders never make hospital passes

I often see, tasks, particularly hard ones, being passed on to the next person, who doesn’t really want it or have time to do it. Worse, they have no clarity about what’s expected so they aren’t set up for success.

A common scenario is an organisation says it needs change management for success but gives responsibility to a staff member with no relevant experience or qualifications. The person isn’t provided training and is expected to do another full time role too.

Leaders should delegate but they can’t abdicate responsibility for key aspects of their role. HR or communications staff are asked to communicate messages that should come from managers. Or consultants are brought in to manage difficult situations to avoid leaders having ‘blood on their hands’.

Bring in extra hands or capability but for effective change, leaders need to take the ball up, not make hospital passes.

First Published by Fairfax Media

Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash

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