Feminine Static – Is it Robbing You of Your Brilliance?

Picture this, you’re driving down the freeway and decide to turn your car radio on and you can barely hear the music for the static. What do you do? My guess is that you do what the majority of us do, you fine tune the radio so you can hear the music clearly.

In this instance you wouldn’t dream of listening to the static, but every day around 7 billion people on this planet of ours remain tuned into their very own human static, they can’t hear, let alone identify their unique personal music. For women, this static is amplified by the external messaging we absorb around our appearance – are we slim & glamorous enough; our roles as partners – are we sexy enough and as mothers -oh that maternal guilt, and we’ve not even started on our professional world yet!

So what’s this static?

It’s that incessant internal chatter that continues every moment of your waking life. You know what I mean, right? It’s the running commentary of judgment both of yourself and others, the internal beat-up and the constant making yourself so very, very wrong, no matter what you’re doing.

How do I know?

I know because, I too, experience that critical inner voice, in fact mine has been downright vicious at times. In the past I have attempted a number of strategies including positive affirmations, but I found it took a LOT of energy to exercise this style of hyper vigilance to stem the flow of thoughts and it really didn’t leave any room for creativity, or pleasure or living in this very beautiful moment. And as soon as I lost focus – it was back.

This is very much part of the human condition, no matter how strongly you force it down, it pops back up again, in your less vigilant moments. The reality is most women have come to almost not notice it, or at least they don’t notice it in a way that empowers them to switch channels, after all it’s been a constant companion for your entire life, and it seems normal and even natural to berate yourself. Lets face it there is a whole lot of external validation of our imperfection, if that’s what we are choosing to use as evidence to prove our inner voice correct.

I wanted to break FREE

Have you ever wanted to break free, even just for a short reprieve?

One of my frustrations was not being able to break free, and it finally sent me on a journey into my internal world, discovering the origins of this critical voice and how I have, in the past, feed it and claimed it’s communication as the truth about me. If I were sincerely honest with myself, that inner voice has sabotaged many a great opportunity, it has robbed me of being present to those I love the most and has stolen precious moments that could have been savored.

This journey has been a profound experience of self discovery, which now enables me to make the choice moment by moment, to choose what I’m focusing on. I no longer need to resist that critical internal voice,  I also no longer need to feed it and bolster it’s strength.

The Tale of the Two Wolves always reminds me, that I get to choose what I feed, you might like to read it too. (you can find it here)

This journey has enabled me to teach what I have learnt to other women, so they too can master their inner feminine static, to provide them with a more peaceful inner world where they can live right here in this present moment, and  enjoy the freedom of being uniquely themselves in every circumstance, in their career,  relationships, as a mother, everywhere.

The key to making the shift is to use the inner critic as your entry point to shift you from this empowered to empowered in a matter of seconds. I think you’s agree that life would be so much more peaceful and enjoyable without the negative internal commentary.




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