Change Management Consulting

Lenore Miller is a Prosci Accredited Practioner committed to supporting your organisation undertake effective change to ensure your next change project

  • Meets your objectives
  • Finishes on time and on budget
  • Realises ROI - Return on Investment




Organisations don't change, people do


For Organisations to change they must engage their people and harness their willingness to change.

I believe that our people go to work each day intending to do a good job. As leaders, it's our job to show them what that looks like. In the current commercial environment, enterprises need to be agile, changing quickly to meet market needs if they are to thrive.

To ensure you can sustainably retain this agility and gain market advantage,  superior change management practices are essential and need to be part of your business as usual approach. Imagine if every change your organisation implemented was able to engender take-up by your people - what would that mean for your enterprise?

The case for effective change management

In fact, a number of global benchmarking studies have demonstrated that effective change management is positively correlated with achieving success. For example

  • Prosci 2016 Best Practices in Change Management Report - Shows that projects with effective Change Management are 6 times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor Change Management. They also more likely to stay on schedule and on budget.
  •  Helping Employees Embrace Change by Jennifer A. LaClair and Ravi P. Rao, McKinsey Quarterly November 2002. Demonstrates that companies that achieved the highest returns from change projects also had the best Change Management capabilities.
  •  Making Change Work… While the Work Keeps Changing. IBM Global Business Services Executive Report, August 2014. Found that the top 20% of organisations identified as having excellent Change Management capabilities, reported at least 75% of their projects are a complete success. 
  • Finally from PMI Pulse of the Profession Report, 2012. Organisations reporting higher-than-average success rates for projects also report higher-than-average adoption of organisational Change Management practices. 

Thank you to Prosci for the above References.