Change management and leadership capability go hand in glove

Local change management and leadership capability expert, Lenore Miller, has added another string to her bow of qualifications and expertise to help local organisations and leaders to perform better.

Lenore has become a Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner.

She said although she has been working in change management for many years Prosci provides a structured approach to change management that will be useful for many of her clients.

Lenore said Prosci’s approach is based on 20 years of best practice research, which uncovers why change management has worked for some organisations and not for others.

“The answer is successful change programs focus on the people side and work synergistically with the project management side of change,” Lenore said.

“You need to help staff embrace and adopt change if your project is to be successful.”

Lenore said her work in change management goes hand in glove with leadership capability development. She says leaders need to be equipped to support and engage their teams through change.

“In both leadership training and change management, it is not enough to give people knowledge, you need to give them tools to be able to apply that knowledge,” Lenore said.

“Organisations often spend significant amounts of money on training staff with no ongoing back up support with regard to practical application.”

She says an assumption of “now you know what to do so you will” is rarely the case.

“Focus on engaging your people in change and ensure any provided training includes and plans for ongoing practical application of knowledge and skills and you will ensure the money you spend is an investment rather than a cost.“

Prosci, short for Professional Science, is headquartered in the United States with offices in Australia and Canada and partners around the world. Prosci certification is the world’s most widely recognised professional change management qualification and is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Change Management Institute.

Lenore has almost 20 years’ experience in coaching, mentoring, change management, staff engagement and leadership development. She has worked for some of Australia’s big 4 banks, run her own successful businesses and continues to consult to businesses of all sizes. In addition to her Prosci certification Lenore has a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Sociology, a Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Master Practitioner and Teaching Certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming and training in a number of coaching modalities. She also holds DiSC Accreditation.

Lenore is the current Junior Vice President of Newcastle Business Club


First Published on Hunter Headline

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

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