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Lenore has been working with organisations developing their teams into highly productive, cohesive and resilient business units for almost two decades, through the implementation of either her fully customised programs or by lending her expertise and depth of experience to the facilitation of internal proprietary programs.  Lenore supports leaders and teams to become more resilient in the face of change, aligned with their organisations goals and purpose, and above all capable and motivated to do their best work.

Lenore prides herself on providing a high level of customer service, working closely with stakeholders to ensure expectations are met and quality outcomes achieved. All programs are delivered dynamically allowing for real-time updates as the business needs evolve.

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Thanks so much Lenore for helping me find my spark again for my business.
I love my business but when things go quiet I tend to find I get a bit flat and de-motivated (at a time when I know I need to be working my hardest).
I found your last speech such a wonderful motivator for me and business is back on track.

Anita Marshall
Advanced Finance Solutions


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I first met Lenore Miller when she was a guest speaker at a meeting I attended.   She was easy to listen to, engaged her audience and highlighted several lightbulb moments for me, so I knew immediately I would benefit from working with her. With Lenore as my business coach, I cannot emphasise how much she has helped me with my mindset and the resulting growth in both my personal life and business. She is so inspiring and motivating and has such positive energy and enthusiasm. Lenore helped me not only identify how my mindset was holding me back from moving forward in my business but also how my thoughts and beliefs were impacting my family and the values and beliefs my children would consequently grow up with.  

I have worked with Lenore for several months now and through the strategies and skills she has taught me, the changes I have experienced have been enormous. I continue to build a strong business, live a life of abundance and now see the positive in every situation. My children are learning and experiencing strong beliefs and values through my change in my outlook on life. They will grow up with positive lifeskills, which is a priceless gift anyone would want for their child.

I would recommend Lenore Miller to everyone! She has had a life-changing impact on me and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

Nerida Sweetman