Book: Who Moved My Cheese

I remember first reading this book around 15 years ago. With 1000’s of books on leadership and change management published each year there is a danger in thinking that old (first published in 1998) books with a simple story have little to offer. In this case, I think it’s the simplicity that allows the reader to find the message they need at the time of reading.

I’ve certainly had a lot of work, business and life experience since I initially read this book and I found myself recognising the progress I’ve made since that initial read.  I am much more resilient in the face of the constant and never-ending change inherent in our everyday lives. However, I also recognised opportunities to up-level my ability to find space for discomfort in the face of unexpected or unwelcome change.

If you have ever felt that change in your life was – unfair, a surprise, came out of left field; perhaps fear holds you back from embracing new and exciting opportunities or perhaps you find yourself analysing or over-complicating the changes afoot. This book could be a good initial read to take you back to a simple view of change and shine a light on the things you’re choosing not to see and the opportunities for growth they might represent.

This book is a quick read at approx 1 hour.

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