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Top Factors in Successful Change Management

“There is a direct correlation between the success of the initiative and how well the people side of change is managed” In the past 20 years, Prosci has been conducting an international benchmarking study to uncover the lessons learned by change practitioners and consultants. The study focuses on what’s working and what’s not. The research…

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Are you sabotaging your change initiative

When it comes to making changes in your business or organisation, no matter how large or small, the ‘wild card’ element is people. We’re all aware that the success of organisational change rests on our people’s ability and willingness to adopt the desired change. But it is often leaders, not employees, who fail the change…

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Workplace Change – it’s all about people

There are two big mistakes leaders are making as they ready their organisations to adapt to an increasingly fast paced and ever changing business environment. They forget that it’s really people who change, not the organisation. Secondly, they think of change management as a one off event rather than an ongoing and continually evolving process. Changes can appear organisational but the reality is that change only occurs…

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