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As a speaker, Lenore not only entertains and educates her audience, she inspires them with her humour and vulnerability, they leave ready to take immediate action in their own lives as a result of their experience with her.

Lenore is the leading expert championing triumph over adversity. Her personal journey to this point is nothing but awe-inspiring. Sometimes in life adverse circumstances strengthen the resolve of ones own philosophy on life.  

Lenore’s philosophy and passion is to lead all Women to experience self empowerment, triumph over adversity and strong self leadership in their own life.

This enables them as leaders to live their lives by authentically choosing to show-up, no matter what and of course this positively impacts everyone they come into contact with from those they lead to those they love.

Lenore knows all too well how beliefs usurp any situation and if one does not own who they are in their role as leader nor know how to overcome adversity, it has a direct impact on their life and the lives of those they lead.  

She is a masterful Leadership Coach, Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Published Author committed to partnering those in leadership positions to transform the mindset that is currently limiting their true potential.

Lenore’s personal experience with grief, trauma and loss and her subsequent journey to self mastery underpins her commitment to personally show up in life no matter what and to champion others to do the same. She firmly believes it’s not what happens to you in life but who you choose to become as a result.


"She has the magic knack of engaging with her audience in a relaxed yet powerful manner, challenging them to take on board new ways of thinking about themselves and their businesses." 
Kellie Mills, mills-eaton training

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Lenore Miller Keynote Mic on stage

Delivering her own brand of vulnerable emotive storytelling, Lenore takes her audiences on a journey of self discovery, uncovering their own unique talents and dreams and delivering them to the place where they themselves can make it happen. Past audiences speak of ‘taking immediate action’ and doing things they ‘’never thought they would’ as a result of listening to her message.

 Your audience will be inspired and moved to action as a result of Lenore’s powerful message and meaningful delivery. They’ll leave knowing that something has changed for them and will never be the same again.

 Lenore helps women uncover their very own Unimaginable Future, by showing them the path to giving up their self imposed limitations and beliefs, embracing their ability to stand for themselves, totally empowered  and  ready to authentically lead others whiling bringing to them all that they desire personally and professional.

 Lenore’s own life is a prime example of overcoming adversity and embracing life with energy and enthusiasm She is living into her promise to pay it forward by creating unimaginable futures for others too.

Your presence was caring, but also commanding, which really engaged our audience. I love how you mix teaching concepts with unique exercises which seems to really tap into both sides of the brain.

I’ve had so much feedback from participants that the short exercises you did with them individually throughout the 3 days gave them significant breakthroughs.

Girl You ROCK!

Janet Beckers – Founder of Wonder Web Women, Australian Marketer of the Year, International Authors, Speaker and mentor

Janet Beckers


Lenore is a dynamic speaker who connects to her audience by speaking from the heart. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Lenore will captivate you with her passion and enthusiasm. Her determination in business and life inspired me to get out there and get on with it in my own life.

Lenore's achievements coupled with her experiences in life will leave you inspired, educated and ready to make the changes you'd like to, but have been telling yourself that you couldn’t.

Thank you Lenore, for sharing your story and knowledge with me. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and I feel privileged to have been a part of your audience.

Rob Mason
Mason Coaching and Training

Rob Mason

How many speakers have you listened to in recent years? 

Did they make a difference in your life? Or have you totally forgotten them?

Lenore  believes it’s a speaker's responsibility to deliver a life changing message, that inspires immediate action.

In 2015, Lenore is offering the following keynotes and of course can design the right keynote for your audience.

Lenore prides herself on delivering memorable, impactful keynotes and workshops that are 100% on message for your delegates. Speak to her about your audience and organisational requirements and she’ll craft her presentation to specifically meet those needs.


Feminine Influence

From those you Lead to those you Love


Show Time

How to Show Up No Matter What



The Choice to Prevail


Lenore prides herself on delivering memorable, impactful keynotes and workshops that are 100% on message for your delegates.

Speak to her about your audience and organisational requirements and she’ll craft her presentation to specifically meet those needs.


a deep personal response


immediate action



Contact Lenore to discuss your speaking needs.

Lenore would be delighted to speak to you about your conference or event. Contact her now and she'll send you her speakers pack with further detail.

Lenore is a highly inspiring and motivational speaker.

She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and deliver a heartfelt message.

Lenore inspires people to consider that there is a different a way to be and that there are different possibilities to business and life.

Shirley-Anne Joy

Shirley-Anne Lawler

“Lenore really was very good, topic spot on, delivery style perfect (actually, I have never seen someone able to captivate an audience for an hour with just one hand drawn page on butchers paper …. its pinned to our team partitions).

Randal Jitts
Chemical, Control & Electrical (CCE)
Team Leader, Delta Electricity

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