Passionate or Past It

Professional Passion – are you passionate or past it?

Every Sunday  Glenn and I go to our local farmers market, we love being able to buy produce straight from the producer who can tell us passionately about the providence of our food. Come to think of it we buy our coffee beans from a local roaster with a passion for coffee and when we look for people to do business with, our accountant, electrician, cleaner, we want someone who is passionate about their work. Why? Because they care about their product, the outcome and delivery of their service, they’re usually easy to deal with and you rarely need to ask them to do their job again, because they get it right the first time.

Do you exude Professional Passion?

Or do you just get through each work day saving your passion for the weekend or after hours activities? How would your team mates and customers say about the experience of dealing with you?

We spend a LOT of time in the workplace earning an income to fund our lifestyle, wouldn’t it be great to thoroughly enjoy it? This doesn’t mean you’ll never have moments of frustration or annoyance, what it does mean is that over all you’re pretty happy to get up and go to work, engage thoroughly in your role and gain pleasure from it’s pursuit.

Are you passionate about the work you do?

This is especially important if you lead others, they can smell disengagement no matter what you say, and if you’re not engaged they won’t be either and this makes your role even harder.

How do you find your Professional Passion?

Start with the following activity. Allow yourself some quiet time, grab a note book or piece of paper and answer the following questions for yourself:

 What do I enjoy most about my role?

What do I enjoy least about my role?

What kind of people do I work with?

How does my work benefit me?

How does my work benefit others?

How do I feel about the work I do?

What are the values of my organization?

What are my personal Values?

Do the last two align?

 In both my personal and professional experience leaders most often feel unhappy in their workplace if their personal values and those of the organization they work for are in conflict. For example you work in PR for a tobacco company and one of your top values is health, you’re unlikely to feel very passionate about promoting smoking to the general public even if you’re passionate about working in PR.

 Are you in the Wrong Organisation or the Wrong Role?

Take a look at your answers to the questions above and consider your level of passion and enthusiasm for your current role. If it’s not as you would like it to be, then consider whether you are in the wrong role or are you in the right role and the wrong company. Once you know the answer you can set about correcting it.

I’d love to hear about your experience, have you ever come to the realization that you were on the wrong job or working for the wrong organisation? What steps did you take to resolves it?

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