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Ignite Your Business Mojo explores  REAL business strategies, tools and techniques that successful business owners use to grow and sustain their business mojo…..you’ll LOVE it!

I’ve just finished reading Ignite Your Business Mojo by Lenore Miller. Such a wonderful book with lots of wisdom and experience and practical knowledge that you can apply straight away. I know that its a book that I will be referring back to time and time again as throughout my business journey!

Kim Morris
Entrepreneur System

I am really enjoying your book!!!!!!!!!!! Best prize I have won in a long time - even beats the Moet I won last year ! I'm on FIRE!

Kristen Perry
Perry Legal

Ignite Your Property Investment Mojo

Have you ever wanted to invest in property? Perhaps you got started and stalled at just one or maybe two properties. Somwehre between buying that first property and reaching your goal of financial freedom, you lost your property investing mojo.

Well it's not too late. Whether you're sitting on a modest portfolio or you're yet to get started, this book is for you!

It is a rare and exclusive opportunity for you to discover the secrets of property investment from ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary results.

Hi Lenore…I have finished the book and just have to say wow…I feel so motivated…what a project to get so many wonderful talented people to inspire and give so generously of their products for free…

I have to say that your book would have to be the best I have read for many years…you can feel the energy from each page…Well done Lenore

Jan Wyatt


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$29.95 including postage

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