Team and Individual Profiling Tools


We are able to provide a suite of profiling tools that can be used to gain greater insight into your workforces behaviour and current capability. They also provide greater individual and team awareness.

For greatest benefit these tools can be combined with one or more of the following services to facilitate awareness and build skill to maximise the return on both time and funds invested.

  • One-on-one debriefs to support individual team member growth and awareness based on their individual profile or assessment
  • Team workshops to understand the team dynamics based on individual and overall team results
  • Skills development workshops such as sales, leadership, and communication
  • Executive and board presentation of the results and recommendations

Profiling Tools

Each of the following tools are available as individual reports. When conducted within teams or organisation wide they can be rolled up into team reports

  • Workplace Profiling 
  • Productive Conflict 
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Sales

Executive and Board Presentations

Lenore Miller

As part of an overall capacity building strategy, there is much 'gold' to be harvested from the results of individual, team and organisation-wide profiling strategies. As such we provide additional services such as

  • Comprehensive reports of team/organisational results.
  • The above reports can also be inclusive of observations and recommendations in regard to best next steps
  • Presentations to the executive leadership teams and boards are also available of the above reports including results and recommendations for next best steps. This gives the leadership group an opportunity to fully understand the results and recommendations, and to ask any resulting questions.