So you have completed the Leadership Mindset Questionnaire and you have your results, so what’s the next step?

Below you will find four (4) sections one for each Pillar of the Leadership Mindset, which one you turn to first will depend on your scores

If You Scored:

mostly D’s you have a preference for the Leadership Mindset of a Director

mostly I’s you have a preference for the Leadership Mindset of an Igniter

mostly M’s you have a preference for the Leadership Mindset of a Master of Systems

mostly VP’s you have a preference for the Leadership Mindset of a VP Extraordinaire

What If I have Scores that are Close Together or the Same?

If you have one score that is 4 points or higher than the second score – then this suggest a strong preference for that Entrepreneurial Mindset

If your 2 highest  scores are within 2 points of each other then the first Leadership Mindset is the one you are mostly likely to lead with, especially when under stress or you feel tired, however you will draw on your second quite a bit and may even be able to move between the two quite easily.

If you have 3 or 4 close scores you may have originally had a preferred Leadership Mindset and have developed the rest over time.

What Do My Lower Scores Mean?

Each score indicates your level of preference for that Leadership Mindset Mode. Your lower scores indicate a lower preference for that mode. For example: if you scored low for Master of Systems you may find you avoid tasks that require you to focus on great details and you may even find that you feel disorganised.

The lower scores indicate areas that you may like to work on expanding  your skills OR an area that you delegate to team members who have that skill.

You can go Directly to your Leadership Mindset details by clicking on the appropriate title Igniter, Master of Systems, VP Extraordinaire or read through all of them to get a broader understanding.


The Director


The Director tends to be very much the leader who relishes power and authority. The opportunity to work autonomously is high on the directors list, when looking for a career path . The Director is very well suited to being a leader  however like all Leadership Mindsets the director has some areas for consideration if business success is to be his or hers.

Strengths in Business

The director is very results orientated preferring to focus on the required outcome they tend to be

  • Results orientated  and follow through with action to get the desired outcome
  • Proactive problem solvers and managing trouble is taken in their stride
  • Confident and efficient when making decisions (read - decides fast)
  • Willing to question the status quo. ‘just because we did it this way yesterday does not mean it’s the right way today’

Challenges for Director’s

Developing effective people skills will be of great benefit to the Director who tends to be very outcome focused and results driven, with a lower people focus

  • The Director doesn’t always value the skills of others, however to grow a team and develop your people  you will need to learn to value others preferences and their skills
  • The Director always wants to lead and is not very good at being a Team Player. Learning to get along with others in collaboration will benefit your business growth – you can’t do it all yourself.
  • The Director needs to pace himself/herself and learn to relax to be most effective


Building Your Team

It’s important to have others that complement your strengths and bring skills that are not your natural forte,  so in building a team you will need to incorporate others who:

  • Create a structured, predictable environment
  • Collect all the information and detail when a decision needs to be made and provide you with the pros and cons to make it (sometimes you’re just too fast when making decisions without considering all the detail)
  • Recognise and can meet the needs of other people within the business
  • Methodical and detail orientated
  • Enjoy the day to day running of the business

PS: You know you're too much of a Director when ....  You arrive at work at 8am and by 8.03, no one is speaking to you


The Igniter

So your top score for Leadership Mindset is the Igniter. One word that really sums up the Ignitor is Enthusiasm! Igniters’ are ideas people and often serial business starters or career hoppers, replacing one bright shiny object or idea with the next. They do however create a fun engaging work environment and with the right skill development and team members in place they can run a great business unit.

Strengths in Business

The Igniter is very gregarious preferring human interaction over focus on details or tasks

  • Ability to engage your team so they feel like part of the bigger picture
  • The Igniter loves to find the best in others and is fabulous at providing positive feedback and encouragement to team members
  • The ability to negotiate or persuades others to their view point – they make great sales people
  • They’re fun in the workplace and their team are treated to a positive enthusiastic environment

Challenges for the Igniter’s

The Igniter is definitely not a detail focused person and they will need to find balance between people and tasks

  • They can be prone to the bright shiny object syndrome  and get distracted from the needs of their core business
  • They can lack attention to detail and often run a team in a chaotic manor. They really need to be open to having a more systemised approach perhaps employ someone in their team with  a strong methodical approach.
  • Tend to employ people like themselves – it would be useful to employ some more task focused team members
  • Tend to want to make life a party – but sometimes you just need to be the boss with your team members and ensure they’re doing their job, not everyone will like you ALL the time

Building your team

It’s important to have others that complement your strengths and bring skills that are not your natural forte  so in building a team you will need to incorporate others who

  • Are able to create and follow systems
  • Are task orientated and follow things through until the end
  • Take a logical approach
  • Can then communicate directly with you

PS: You know you're too much of an Igniter when .......  you call 4 times to leave a voicemail message because the usual length provided is way too short.


The Master of Systems

The Master of Systems is the king or queen of accuracy and quality assurance.  They take great pride in being right, as they will have always researched any point of view they venture and they hate to make mistakes. As leaders they are exacting and have a wonderful systemised approach. You will always know what’s expected of you at work if your boss is a Master of Systems.

Strengths in Business - The Master of Systems

The Master of Systems is very organised and never misses a detail, in fact they are well suited leaders to any business that relies in systematic approach with low levels of creativity. I

  • Policies and proceeds are clear and easy to follow
  • They are diplomatic in their dealings with others
  • They have their eye on business performance and spot areas for improvement quickly and make appropriate adjustments

Challenges as the Master of Systems business grows

The Master of Systems can be seen as a little inflexible as they like to stick to the rules. As a leader you might find

  • Your tendancy to come to decisions slowly after collecting and analysing all the data, sometimes means you miss out on current opportunities
  • You need to remember that policies are a guide only and hiding behind them will limit the growth of your team and business
  • There is no procedure for having a general chat with your team – relax and breath, show them that you’re interested in them and they will produce more results
  • Learn to delegate, you can’t keep control of everything

Building your team

When building your team you want others who will compliment your strengths

  • Develop your tolerance for the chatty people,  these are the ones who will win your customers over and retain them (No they are not good at paperwork!)
  • Remember those who have the ability to use policy and procedures as a guideline to get a great outcome for your business. So empower people in your team  to be flexible around policy and procedure as long as it’s good for the customer & good for the business.
  • Someone who is great at helping you build and promote teamwork

P.S. You Know you're too much of a Master of Systems when............ You are so diplomatic in firing a person that they thank you for it and offer to take you out to lunch


The VP Extraordinaire

The VP Extraordinaire is awesome at day to day business management, give them a system and they will follow it and when they need to they will be flexible, that's no problem to them. They are great at keeping a team and the customers happy.  They don’t like confrontation so managing others is sometimes a challenge for them if they’re not doing their jobs (you like to be liked and to keep harmony in your team).

Strengths in Business

The VP Extraordinaire as we have mentioned loves to generate harmony in the workplace whatever it takes. They work to provide for their family – they do not live to work. They are

  • Consistent and predictable in their  performance
  • Create a stable harmonious work environment
  • Great listener –customers and staff love that about you – they feel valued

Challenges as you Lead

As a VP Extraordinaire you definitely work at your own pace, which is  considered to be slow by most other Leadership Mindsets. Your challenges in growing your own business include being

  • Slow to implement any change in your business, you really prefer the status quo to be held
  • Your business growth may be limited by your slow and steady approach – it will frustrate the high achievers on your team, who want to move faster. You may also miss out on business opportunities because you can’t decide fast enough
  • You’re reluctant to engage in self promotion – if you are the face of your business this will be an issue for you
  • Multi tasking is not your strong suit – ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is your mantra you’re going to need some help if you want to grow your business.

Building Your team

In building your team you will want to source people with the skills that compliment your skills and empower them in their roles in your business

  • Of all the Leadership Mindsets it’s the VP extraordinaire that may need to most closely look at who their 2IC is, someone who will help drive business growth while you manage the day to day running of the business - of course it's important to select the right Leadership match
  • Responsive team members that can react quickly to unexpected changes
  • Team members who ensure the detail is covered off

P.S. You know you're too much of a Master of Systems when............. You listen for 30 minutes to a phone sales person selling snow removal equipment – and you live  in the tropics


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