Staying Power After Change – don’t stop before you’re done!

By Lenore Miller | Dec 4, 2018

One of the mistakes organisations make when implementing a new way of working is to discontinue the change management activities as soon as the project reaches the go-live stage. The team is often moved on to a new project or disbanded so people can go back to existing roles. Why is this an issue? A structured…

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Getting help to take the next big career leap

By Lenore Miller | Nov 2, 2018

  Are you at a career crossroads? You may be thinking about moving to a new industry or sector to climb the corporate ladder? Or are you looking for a complete career change or at starting your own business? Many of us don’t take the leap or delay it unnecessarily. We aren’t sure of the…

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Employee Engagement: Are Your People ‘Flying Under the Radar’

By Lenore Miller | Oct 22, 2018

We’d all like to think we are great leaders who bring out the best in our people, by providing clear direction, motivation, and support. Perhaps we even see ourselves as effective role models. But is this the way your people see it? I recall a conversation with a Team Leader in a large organisation, some…

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Good leaders never make hospital passes

By Lenore Miller | Sep 25, 2018

Do some responsibilities in your organisation get passed around like a hot potato? I often see, tasks, particularly hard ones, being passed on to the next person, who doesn’t really want it or have time to do it. Worse, they have no clarity about what’s expected so they aren’t set up for success. A common…

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Plastic bags and change management

By Lenore Miller | Aug 20, 2018

We’re all familiar with the Coles plastic bag debacle and accompanying triple back-flip with a side of small plastic products. At its core, the removal of single-use plastic bags from supermarkets was a change management project. Coles was looking to change a process and modify customer behaviour. Removing single-use plastic bags has already been done successfully…

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Change must focus on people

By Lenore Miller | Jul 17, 2018

A common mistake I see in organisations undertaking change projects is that they have a project manager focused on the technical side of the change but no-one focused on the people side of the change. If there is a project management team, the focus tends to divert to the technical issues such as the new…

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How to get good return on new training investment

By Lenore Miller | Jun 11, 2018

  Many organisations invest significant sums of money in training staff but then don’t reap the full return on that investment. Managers incorrectly assume “you now know what to do so you will”. They expect equipping staff with knowledge is enough to ensure its application. I see this happen often with respect to change management…

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Change management and leadership capability go hand in glove

By Lenore Miller | May 30, 2018

Local change management and leadership capability expert, Lenore Miller, has added another string to her bow of qualifications and expertise to help local organisations and leaders to perform better. Lenore has become a Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner. She said although she has been working in change management for many years Prosci provides a structured approach…

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Roadblocks to Change Success

By Lenore Miller | May 8, 2018

Is your organisation struggling to gain employee engagement in change projects? Do you really know the answer to the question? Prosci’s most recent best practice change management research shows employees fail to engage in change for four reasons. One reason is a tendency to use a top-own approach and force change on employees rather than involve them. Secondly,…

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