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Are you at a career crossroads? You may be thinking about moving to a new industry or sector to climb the corporate ladder? Or are you looking for a complete career change or at starting your own business?

Many of us don’t take the leap or delay it unnecessarily. We aren’t sure of the possibilities to advance or incorrectly assume age may be a barrier to change.

You have many opportunities to advance and there are many business organisations, networking groups, recruitment agencies, career and change management coaches to help you find them and take the leap. The real issue is often mindset and confidence.

This is a topic that business coach, Sharyn Swan, and I will help people tackle at the Gen X What’s Next? ‘Career Clarity & Confidence Workshop on December 1.

You need to approach your personal change like you would a change management project at work.

Step 1. Confirm that you want to make a change. Write down what it is you want to do. What excites you? Can you see yourself in that next position or scenario?

Step 2: List the things that are getting in your way. Take action to jump over or sidestep those roadblocks. They may be at home, with you or with other people.

Step 3. Do a reality check on capability. Work out if you need to do further study or help with interview skills or your CV.

Step 4. Make a plan. Write down the key tasks, measures and due dates.

One of the mistakes people make is not to value the portability of their leadership, management, team building and communication skills. The sector and the role may be different but you will still be managing people and processes. You can acquire industry knowledge. People are the same everywhere.


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