Lenore Miller is passionate about coaching business and professional leaders who wish to live into their own ‘unimaginable future’; women and men who are ready to truly reclaim their power in all areas of their personal and professional lives. 

Lenore has found that the only thing standing between  us and what we want, is ourselves.

Throughout my life I have always aspired to create a compelling future, one  that would draw me forward and have me bound out of bed ready to greet the day with passionate enthusiasm. I wanted to live an extraordinary life every single moment, of every single day. Not only that, I wanted to be an outstanding role model to those around me.
I wanted to HAVE IT ALL. I wanted to stay true to my values, to trust my intuition, to feel empowered, I ached to be fearlessly authentic in every circumstance, I wanted to feel a sense of freedom and to love and be loved.

But I’d grown up believing all the old clichés:

  • you have to work hard for your money
  • women have to work twice as hard to get half as far as men, and of course
  • some still believed that a woman’s place was in the home with the children 24/7.

‘Once more I feel inspired not drained ‘

I have never experienced being coached before but Lenore was referred to me by someone I respected. Lenore is generous with her time which makes you feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that she has the tools to help you.

As a result of the coaching from Lenore, I have finally stepped out of my business. Her insights gave me a chance to address all the noise, get strategic, have a sounding board, and have my thinking challenged. It resulted in me becoming calmer, more decisive, and ultimately taking action where it counted most.  I’ve finally been able to manage my business on my terms. Once more I feel inspired not drained by my business.

I believe Lenore brings a lot of experience and knowledge to business professionals and she can help people at any stage of their business – growth, consolidation or exit. 

Abby Clifton

Abby Clifton

Having It All!


I was fortunate that my parents believed an education for their daughters was important and encouraged us to pursue our dreams. So it was, I went to Uni, got married, had children, got divorced and attempted to pursue it all.
Throughout my 30’s I juggled the responsibilities of single parenthood and a career.  At one time I juggled my children, my career, a start up business and a new relationship. If you had asked me then could you have it all, I might have said ‘as long as you don’t need sleep’.
At the time I didn’t know how to have it all on my terms.
In the years since then I’ve spent significant amounts of both time and money in pursuit of my own personal and professional development. I pursued both formal education, completing a degree in the behavioural sciences and a diploma in relationship counseling. Alongside informal education that saw me attend many seminars and read a lot books.

Thanks so much Lenore for helping me find my spark again for my business.
I love my business but when things go quiet I tend to find I get a bit flat and de-motivated (at a time when I know I need to be working my hardest).
I found your last speech such a wonderful motivator for me and business is back on track.

Anita Marshall
Advanced Finance Solutions


Lead with Passion

Sometimes in life adverse circumstances strengthen the resolve of one’s own philosophy on life.  My philosophy and passion is to help others experience sustainable change, leading their lives by authentically choosing to show-up, no matter what.  I believe it is a leader’s responsibility to ‘pay it forward’ and I’m leading the charge.
At this juncture I’m choosing to walk my talk, in business vulnerability is not something that is embraced but for those of you who’ve heard of Brene Brown, who through one TEDTALK absolutely infiltrated the Fortune 500 companies with her message of vulnerability, has informed my decision to speak vulnerably into what drives my passion.  


I understand adversity, when I was 18 my Dad died as a result of suicide, that experience informed my view around what’s important in life, and in my 40's my 19 year old son died after an asthma attack sent him into respiratory arrest. As a mother you always think that you will outlive your children, this experience took me to the core of my being.

I do not share these experiences lightly and I do not see myself as a victim, I share them so that you might see aspects of the real me,  a women who has lived the ups and downs of life. Rather than merely a trained professional who knows academically how to assist you negotiate life. I know we ALL have our story.

I know in life we question why some of us experience certain things and others do not. The truth is, I am who I am today because of all of my life experiences the good the bad and the extraordinary. I feel privileged to be part of a vocation where my experience and  knowledge can  benefit of others. It’s through my work that I can truly make a difference.

Your Next Step

The foundation for my coaching promise is based on over 15 years coaching experience in both private practice and corporate settings; my commitment to personal excellence and continuous education, coupled with my own personal life experiences and hunger for an exceptional life.
Is it time for you to make a personal investment guaranteed to lead you to an extraordinary life on your terms?
I invite you to take the first step with an introductory consultation and explore the changes you’d like to make, earn what you want to earn and have your life reflective of your values so you can live into your unimaginable future.

Contact our office today to find out more.

                  Ready For the Next Step?

Bev Carter

‘Lenore Has Helped Me Sift Through The Clutter And Focus On What’s Most Important’

I love coaching and I know the benefits ,  I was so impressed with how Lenore had grown her business so it seemed like a natural progression for me to work with Lenore.   The biggest problem I find is having so much to do that I lose sight of the best way forward,  Lenore has helped me sift through the clutter and focus on what’s most important.

The support and accountability that comes when working with Lenore is extremely valuable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to produce results.

Bev Carter

I first met Lenore Miller when she was a guest speaker at a meeting I attended.   She was easy to listen to, engaged her audience and highlighted several lightbulb moments for me, so I knew immediately I would benefit from working with her. With Lenore as my business coach, I cannot emphasise how much she has helped me with my mindset and the resulting growth in both my personal life and business. She is so inspiring and motivating and has such positive energy and enthusiasm. Lenore helped me not only identify how my mindset was holding me back from moving forward in my business but also how my thoughts and beliefs were impacting my family and the values and beliefs my children would consequently grow up with.  

I have worked with Lenore for several months now and through the strategies and skills she has taught me, the changes I have experienced have been enormous. I continue to build a strong business, live a life of abundance and now see the positive in every situation. My children are learning and experiencing strong beliefs and values through my change in my outlook on life. They will grow up with positive lifeskills, which is a priceless gift anyone would want for their child.

I would recommend Lenore Miller to everyone! She has had a life-changing impact on me and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

Nerida Sweetman


‘During This Time She Was Instrumental In Both My Personal Growth And My Professional Success’

I found Lenore on Facebook and saw from her posts how genuinely interested in helping people she was. Then I met her at an event and sought her out for some advice as to how to handle some issues I was having at the time. Lenore freely gave of herself and her time to help me and guide me through the issues.

Without her support and loving guidance I would have been stuck. This encouraged me to work with her on a coaching program for six months. During this time she was instrumental in both my personal growth and my business success.

I would highly recommend working with Lenore. She is honest and genuine and gets real results that you can see and feel. She can pinpoint the exact areas you need assistance with - even if you cannot see it at the time and she delivers with kindness and care.

Trish Rock

‘Lenore Is An Impartial Supporter With An Arsenal Of Resources She Generously Shares’

I knew I needed some help to make some decisions in my business but I was unsure whether the expense would be worthwhile. I can now say that my concerns were unfounded because Lenore has taken such a load off by helping me to get clear about my priorities.

I feel very comfortable with Lenore and her business experience shines through as she quickly identifies problems and solutions I couldn’t even see as I was too close to the problem! I would highly recommend Lenore to any business owner needs an impartial supporter with an arsenal of resources she generously shares.

Julie Kirby


‘She Understands The Juggling That is Required When You Are a Mother and a Professional.’

I have had a previous experience with coaching so I knew how coaching could benefit me. However, unlike the previous experience, I felt much more comfortable with Lenore because she understands the juggling that is required when you are a mother and a professional woman.

Lenore has a communication style that made me  feel very comfortable and she helped me identify areas for growth that enabled me to move forward in the direction that I want to go.

Because of her own extensive  experience and her communication style I think Lenore would be great for anyone wanting to develop their professional skills and increase their results.

Belinda Lindhardt