Change Managment

Book: Who Moved My Cheese

I remember first reading this book around 15 years ago. With 1000’s of books on leadership and change management published each year there is a danger in thinking that old (first published in 1998) books with a simple story have little to offer. In this case, I think it’s the simplicity that allows the reader…

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Thinking Outside the Box Ticking

When it comes to employee surveys much time and money can be wasted by organisations who fail to plan, execute and implement well. Worse still, merely engaging in a ‘box ticking’ exercise can do more damage than running no survey at all, when the workforce sees it as yet another promise to listen falling on…

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Balancing Leadership Styles

My team and I are working with a number of clients to build leadership capability. With a large financial services organisation, we’re moving from a highly transactional management style to a leader as coach style. At the moment their managers ‘tell’ their team members what to do, micromanaging tasks and outcomes. They want empowered team…

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