About Lenore


Lenore Miller is the principal and co-founder of Dynamic Leadership Programs Australia an organisation that delivers bespoke leadership development programs to organsations from both the private and public sector.

Lenore is an experienced and respected consultant, who has spent her career committed to bringing out the best within organisations and their people.

Her greatest passion is helping  leaders and emerging leaders  to sustainably transform their professional and personal lives. Through her own personal and professional experience, Lenore knows that change can help to positively shape lives and careers.



Fantastic seminar Lenore, thanks for the wonderful tips which I have already implemented!

I definitely came away with lots of worthwhile advice. ~Chrystie Hile

15 Years Coaching Experience


Lenore has more than 15 years’ experience coaching and mentoring, both in her own practice and across many industries including large corporations within the finance and property investment sectors.

A strong desire to gain a better understanding of human behaviour lead her to complete a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Sociology, a Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Master Practitioner and Teaching Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming and numerous coaching qualifications.

Believing there was a ‘missing piece’ in change leadership programs, Lenore studied futher in the area of sustainable change. In 2015 she became the first specialised Australian leadership coach to be certified in Sustainable Transformation.

I was close to the bottom of the barrel when I met Lenore. She showed me a path, ideas, skill and knowledge and showed me the benefit of team work, self believe and leveraging from others. Lenore is sincere and truely wants to help others  in whichever way they need it.

She is warm, generous, honest, giving and creates a warm space in which people get established. I am very grateful for the foundation that she provided when I needed it most, and my businesses are thriving. 

Leah Marmulla


Passion and Inspiration


For Lenore, the message is clear - making real change is one challenge, sustaining it is another. Her leadership programs provide innovative tools and resources for those wanting to make, and keep, effective change in their personal and professional lives.

Lenore’s determination and focus stems from both her professional education and career, as well as her own life experience. In 2007  she was faced every parents nightmare tragically losing her teenage son to an asthma attack. This  allowed her to experience firsthand the struggle to retain hope, passion and a strong self-belief in the face of personal tragedy and professional pressures. Her professional presence is underpinned by her ability to be warm and compassionate whilst she supports others to build resilience and the ability to transform and sustain  change, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

Lenore's Philosophy

Her integral understanding of the need to transform beliefs, recognise one's unique magnificence & overcome any adversity that lay in the leaders path, makes her the go to leadership coach for those wishing to lead with passion and purpose.

Lenore’s personal journey to this point is nothing but awe-inspiring. 

Sometimes in life adverse circumstances strengthen the resolve of ones own philosophy on life.  Lenore’s philosophy and passion is to lead others to experience sustainable change, leading their lives by authentically choosing to show-up, no matter what. 

She believes it is a leader's responsibility to ‘pay it forward’ and she is leading the charge.

Lenore Miller is also an inspiring keynote speaker and published author with her first two books covering business and property investment. She is currently working on her third book, due to be published in 2016.


Lenore is a highly inspiring and motivational speaker.

She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and deliver a heartfelt message.

Lenore inspires people to consider that there is a different a way to be and that there are different possibilities to business and life.

Shirley-Anne Joy

Shirley-Anne Lawler