About Lenore

Lenore Miller is an experienced and respected consultant, who has spent her career committed to supporting organisations align their resources to fulfill their strategic objectives. She is skilled at ensuring they are positions to bring out the best in their people, especially during times of change.

Her greatest passion is helping leaders to sustainably manage and implement changes and to create a resilient organisational cultures. Through her own personal and professional experience, Lenore knows that change can help to positively shape businesses, lives, and careers.


Fantastic seminar Lenore, thanks for the wonderful tips which I have already implemented!

I definitely came away with lots of worthwhile advice. ~Chrystie Hile

Experience and Professional Qualifications


Lenore has had a long and varied career however one constant has been her strong desire to gain a better understanding of human behaviour. This lead her to complete a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Sociology, a Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Master Practitioner and Teaching Certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming and training in a number of coaching modalities. Lenore is also holds  DiSC Accreditation.

Believing there was a ‘missing piece’ in change leadership programs, Lenore studied further in the area of sustainable change. To round out her professional experience to date in the area of change she completed the Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner certtification which is the world’s most widely recognised professional Change Management qualification and is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and the Change Management Institute (CMI).


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I was close to the bottom of the barrel when I met Lenore. She showed me a path, ideas, skill and knowledge and showed me the benefit of team work, self believe and leveraging from others. Lenore is sincere and truly wants to help others in whichever way they need it.

She is warm, generous, honest, giving and creates a warm space in which people get established. I am very grateful for the foundation that she provided when I needed it most, I'm now thriving. 

Leah Marmulla


Focus and Commitment

For Lenore, the message is clear -  real change needs to be appropriately resourced, well planned and implemented if it is to be successful and sustainable.

Lenore’s determination and focus stems from both her professional education and career experience. Her professionalism is underpinned by her ability to be warm and compassionate whilst she supports others to negotiate change and build resilience, even in the face of uncertainty.

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Lenore is a highly inspiring and motivational speaker.

She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and deliver a heartfelt message.

Lenore inspires people to consider that there is a different a way to be and that there are different possibilities to business and life.

Shirley-Anne Joy

Shirley-Anne Lawler