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Toleration, Disorganization, Oh where is that Motivation?

You’re sitting at your desk, there are a bunch of files spread around, you have multiple browser windows open, your email alerts keep popping up on the bottom of the screen, screaming for your immediate attention, you have voice mail and texts to check, the phone keeps ringing and you’re constantly jumping between tasks, and…

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Empowered or Disempowered? – You Might Be Surprised

Who Would You Be If You Could Sustain Feeling Empowered ALL THE TIME? There are around 7 billion people on the planet at this time and the vast majority spend their life in a dis-empowered state. You’d be surprised to know that many people you’d see as high functioning individuals, also operate from a dis-empowered…

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STOP the Comparison

Do you constantly feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Other women you work with or maybe the other school mum’s or your old school chums, THEY seem to have it ALL! They get the great career breaks, have the perfect children, partner, teeth, wardrobe – well you get the…

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