Prosci® Certified Change Practitioners

Lenore is a Prosci Accredited Change Practioner committed to working with your organisation to ensure that your next change project

  • Meets your project objectives
  • Finishes on time and on budget
  • Realises a Return on Investment


Facilitation, Training, Keynotes

Whether Lenore is facilitating workshops, conducting training or delivering a keynote at your conference, she is a master at engaging and educating her audience so that they leave ready to take action. 

What's the point if people leave just as they'd arrived?'

Team and Individual Profiling Tools

Lenore is able to provide a suite of profiling tools that can be used to gain greater insight into your workforces motivation, behaviour and current capability across a wide range of skills. 



The most effective way to cope with change is to help create it.

L.W. Lynett

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Latest Articles

Key roles of frontline managers who are leading change

By Lenore Miller | Apr 15, 2019

In the 2018 Prosci Best Practices in Change Management Bench Marking Report, 34 per cent of respondents said they felt their organisations adequately prepared frontline managers and supervisors to lead their teams through change. This leaves 66 per cent unprepared.   Frontline managers need to play five key roles when leading change. Communicator. Employees look…

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Why an enterprise-wide approach to change management is crucial

By Lenore Miller | Mar 12, 2019

One of my Prosci colleagues, CEO Scott McAllister, asks business leaders who report experiencing unprecedented change if they have an established approach for budgeting, hiring, ramping up new clients, marketing, and process improvement. They always say “yes”. His next question often gets blank stares. He asks what common approach they’re using to address the people…

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Boosting discretionary effort

By Lenore Miller | Jan 9, 2019

We like to think we’re great leaders and role models who bring out the best in our people, by providing clear direction, motivation, and support. I recall a conversation with a team leader in a large organisation who was really disturbed by his line manager’s management style. The team leader said ‘He’s on his way…

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Staying Power After Change – don’t stop before you’re done!

By Lenore Miller | Dec 4, 2018

One of the mistakes organisations make when implementing a new way of working is to discontinue the change management activities as soon as the project reaches the go-live stage. The team is often moved on to a new project or disbanded so people can go back to existing roles. Why is this an issue? A structured…

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Getting help to take the next big career leap

By Lenore Miller | Nov 2, 2018

  Are you at a career crossroads? You may be thinking about moving to a new industry or sector to climb the corporate ladder? Or are you looking for a complete career change or at starting your own business? Many of us don’t take the leap or delay it unnecessarily. We aren’t sure of the…

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Employee Engagement: Are Your People ‘Flying Under the Radar’

By Lenore Miller | Oct 22, 2018

We’d all like to think we are great leaders who bring out the best in our people, by providing clear direction, motivation, and support. Perhaps we even see ourselves as effective role models. But is this the way your people see it? I recall a conversation with a Team Leader in a large organisation, some…

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Good leaders never make hospital passes

By Lenore Miller | Sep 25, 2018

Do some responsibilities in your organisation get passed around like a hot potato? I often see, tasks, particularly hard ones, being passed on to the next person, who doesn’t really want it or have time to do it. Worse, they have no clarity about what’s expected so they aren’t set up for success. A common…

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Plastic bags and change management

By Lenore Miller | Aug 20, 2018

We’re all familiar with the Coles plastic bag debacle and accompanying triple back-flip with a side of small plastic products. At its core, the removal of single-use plastic bags from supermarkets was a change management project. Coles was looking to change a process and modify customer behaviour. Removing single-use plastic bags has already been done successfully…

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Change must focus on people

By Lenore Miller | Jul 17, 2018

A common mistake I see in organisations undertaking change projects is that they have a project manager focused on the technical side of the change but no-one focused on the people side of the change. If there is a project management team, the focus tends to divert to the technical issues such as the new…

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What Lenore's Clients Say


Captivating and Spot On!

“Lenore really was very good, topic spot on, delivery style perfect (actually, I have never seen someone able to captivate an audience for an hour with just one hand drawn page on butchers paper …. its pinned to our team partitions).

Randal Jitts
Chemical, Control & Electrical (CCE)
Team Leader, Delta Electricity

Bev Carter

Sift Clutter and Focus!

The biggest problem I find is having so much to do that you lose sight of the best way forward, so Lenore has helped me sift through the clutter and focus on what’s most important.

The support and accountability that comes when working with Lenore is extremely valuable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support and mentoring in their organisation.

Bev Carter


Wisdom, Experience and Practical Knowlege

I’ve just finished reading Ignite Your Business Mojo by Lenore Miller. Such a wonderful book with lots of wisdom and experience and practical knowledge that you can apply straight away. I know that its a book that I will be referring back to time and time again as throughout my business journey!

Kim Morris
Entrepreneur System

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