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Lenore is a Prosci Accredited Change Practioner committed to working with your organisation to ensure that your next change project

  • Meets your project objectives
  • Finishes on time and on budget
  • Realises a Return on Investment




Facilitation, Training, Keynotes

Whether Lenore is facilitating workshops, conducting training or delivering a keynote at your conference, she is a master at engaging and educating her audience so that they leave ready to take action. 

What's the point if people leave just as they'd arrived?'

Team and Individual Profiling Tools

Lenore is able to provide a suite of profiling tools that can be used to gain greater insight into your workforces motivation, behaviour and current capability across a wide range of skills. 



The most effective way to cope with change is to help create it.

L.W. Lynett

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Latest Articles

Workplace Change – it’s all about people

By Lenore Miller | Jan 23, 2018

There are two big mistakes leaders are making as they ready their organisations to adapt to an increasingly fast paced and ever changing business environment. They forget that it’s really people who change, not the organisation. Secondly, they think of change management as a one off event rather than an ongoing and continually evolving process. Changes can appear organisational but the reality is that change only occurs…

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Following the numbers – Financial Acumen

By Lenore Miller | Dec 12, 2017

Leadership and management teams need to have business acumen, not just vision and leadership skills. I made this point when I was the guest speaker at a recent, Leadership in the Spotlight seminar held locally. Leaders and managers need people skills, implementation skills and, importantly, financial and numeracy skills. At the seminar, the discussion turned…

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Time to pull the plug on old school reviews

By Lenore Miller | Nov 7, 2017

USELESS: Box-ticking is funny on Utopia, but excruciating in real life. If your organisation is still carrying out traditional annual performance reviews, stop. You’re wasting time and money, and possibly being counter-productive. I’m talking about those painful, annual formal meetings that managers and their employees usually loathe. Set questions are mechanically asked and scores given…

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How to battle bullying at work

By Lenore Miller | Oct 3, 2017

Are you battling inappropriate workplace behaviour, even bullying? It is a major work health and safety issue. According to Safe Work Australia, 9.4 per cent of Australian workers have experienced workplace bullying in the previous six months. It is costly in terms of lost productivity and workers’ compensation. $22,600 is the median cost for accepted…

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Networking for Introverts and a Side Note for Extroverts

By Lenore Miller | Sep 19, 2017

If you ask the question introvert or extrovert in any group you’re sure to find people readily self-identify and then commence giving examples and even excuses for their behavior ‘oh I know I’m a party animal that’s because I’m an extrovert’, or ‘I turn down social invitations regularly but my friends understand because I’m an…

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Managing Staff is Not Parenting

By Lenore Miller | Aug 29, 2017

What’s your reaction when individuals or organisations consider their employees to be ‘children’ and the workforce to be their ‘family’? We often form strong bonds with colleagues and the reference to family is associated with well-intentioned care for colleagues. However, there are serious pitfalls in assuming the way we function in our family setting is…

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Asthma advocate Lenore Miller remembers her son Ryan Tomkins

By Lenore Miller | Aug 28, 2017

The deadly threat of asthma will never be lost on Lenore Miller. Her son Ryan died from an asthma attack at age 19. Ryan was one of almost 170 people to have died from asthma in the Hunter New England region over the past decade, NSW Health data shows. Ms Miller, of Mayfield, thinks about…

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Book: Who Moved My Cheese

By Lenore Miller | Jul 11, 2017

I remember first reading this book around 15 years ago. With 1000’s of books on leadership and change management published each year there is a danger in thinking that old (first published in 1998) books with a simple story have little to offer. In this case, I think it’s the simplicity that allows the reader…

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Bring Back Business Management

By Lenore Miller | Jun 20, 2017

A number of Hunter businesses and organisations are facing a problem I am seeing across the country. They have people in senior positions who are technically brilliant or inspiring leaders but struggle to gain both employee engagement and business outcomes. Before people bang their coffee cup down or click the page, having people who have…

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What Lenore's Clients Say


Captivating and Spot On!

“Lenore really was very good, topic spot on, delivery style perfect (actually, I have never seen someone able to captivate an audience for an hour with just one hand drawn page on butchers paper …. its pinned to our team partitions).

Randal Jitts
Chemical, Control & Electrical (CCE)
Team Leader, Delta Electricity

Bev Carter

Sift Clutter and Focus!

The biggest problem I find is having so much to do that you lose sight of the best way forward, so Lenore has helped me sift through the clutter and focus on what’s most important.

The support and accountability that comes when working with Lenore is extremely valuable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support and mentoring in their organisation.

Bev Carter


Wisdom, Experience and Practical Knowlege

I’ve just finished reading Ignite Your Business Mojo by Lenore Miller. Such a wonderful book with lots of wisdom and experience and practical knowledge that you can apply straight away. I know that its a book that I will be referring back to time and time again as throughout my business journey!

Kim Morris
Entrepreneur System

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